Sapphic Mind

Single, lonely tortured soul, poet, artist, musician. Sapphic Erotica, Art, Music and Sensuality all merge in a delicate balance between dreams and reality. I am a woman in search of myself and someone to share the universe with.

Being different is not a crime. It is an honor.

I think I am doing pretty damn amazing for a 48 y/o Amazon. Yes it is harder being a single lesbian as you get older. I won't lie or sugar-coat that predicament. I really don't seem to click with women my age. I have a young heart. I don't bite so please ask me anything reasonable and intelligent.
My "girlfriend" is an Custom AAA Maple Les Paul Standard named Blondie.
My Poetry: & My blog: Amazon Rising
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Posts I Like

Notice anything odd about this situation? “Guardians if the Galaxy” starts in 8 minutes. (at Regal Tigard 11 Cinemas)

It’s that time again. #fall #portland

Sunflower For Nix - today’s digital painting from the couch.
By Nichole Shannon, Amazon Rising Studios.

"Linear Opposition" Today’s painting from 30,000 feet. - by Nichole Shannon. Amazon Rising Studios.

My Booboo has a new friend. A heartwarming gift from wonderful friends.

In Dreams, again.

A cubist inspired version of an earlier painting. An artist must constantly explore, yes?