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Single, lonely tortured soul, poet, artist, musician. Sapphic Erotica, Art, Music and Sensuality all merge in a delicate balance between dreams and reality. I am a woman in search of myself and someone to share the universe with.

Being different is not a crime. It is an honor.

I think I am doing pretty damn amazing for a 48 y/o Amazon. Yes it is harder being a single lesbian as you get older. I won't lie or sugar-coat that predicament. I really don't seem to click with women my age. I have a young heart. I don't bite so please ask me anything reasonable and intelligent.
My "girlfriend" is an Custom AAA Maple Les Paul Standard named Blondie.
My Poetry: & My blog: Amazon Rising
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The car I have coveted since I was a teenager. That big block sounded so beautiful out the dual pipes. #car #chevelle #sf #sanfrancisco #chevelless #musclecar #bigblock #classic (at Noe Valley, San Francisco)

Simplicity #sf #sanfrancisco #bistro #french #café #sunshine (at Le Zinc- French Bistro)

Hanging over my head at the café. #flower #cafe #french #bistro #sf #sanfrancisco (at Le Zinc- French Bistro)

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I wrote in my journal today. It was the first time in over a year since I had written anything. Coming out of depression is scary and amazing. Change is scary and amazing. Living is scary and amazing.

As I sat outside around the corner from my apartment writing outside the coffee shop,  the sun warmed my skin in the cool air. It has been so long a time since I last wrote. I had so much to put…

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This just happened. #wtf #sf #sanfrancisco #phone #garbage (at Noe Valley, San Francisco)

Dragon Vase Dragon Vase Dragon Vase Dragon Vase





The Twin Dragon Vase is the last large fine art ceramic piece I created before I graduated from art school at ECU. As described in earlier posts this cast iron like glaze is fired to cone 6 on a cone 10 white stoneware body.  Spraying the glaze took a little finesse to avoid getting too think on the dragon sculptures and their claw marks scaling the vase. Inspired by Greek…

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Why? Because I can. #hill #sanfrancisco #top #city #sf #24thstreet #noe #noevalley (at Top of 24th Street)